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Results That Matter Webinars

Community Balanced Scorecards to Meet Public Health Challenges

Available for free viewing: Learn how Community Balanced Scorecards can be used for strategic planning, health improvement planning, accreditation, and making health improvement collaborations more effective and manageable. This webinar draws on experiences of state and local health departments. (37 minutes) Webinar description and free registration

Community Balanced Scorecards for Any Community or Regional Issues

These two web-based seminars by Results That Matter authors Paul Epstein and Lyle Wray in 2007 are no longer available for viewing online, but the slides can be downloaded in PDF form at the links below. 

Community Balanced Scorecards Part 1:

Demonstrates how the power of Effective Community Governance and balanced scorecards can be brought together to create Community Balanced Scorecards. Part 1 Slides (PDF)

Community Balanced Scorecards Part 2:

Works through a detailed case study with data based on a real community collaboration to demonstrate strategic elements for success, including engaging citizens in multiple roles, and using data on leading indicators to sharpen strategies and improve implementation. Part 2 Slides (PDF)