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Results That Matter in Public Health

Please see the web pages linked below, as well as this one, for the many ways we assist state and local health departments, nonprofit hospitals, national public health organizations, and community health partnerships:

Public Health Department Accreditation Preparation

Our Community Balanced Scorecard (CBSC) tools, including strategy maps, are ideal for developing effectivge strategic plans and state or community health improvement plans, two of the three prerequisites of health department accreditation.  What's more, our tools are designed to align strategic plans and health improvement plans with the domains of the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). So, when health departments implement actions and improvements based on their plans, they will also generate information they can use to document how they are meeting PHAB standards.  For more, see:

Making Health Improvement Partnerships More Effective

Partnerships among many organizations are essential to improving health in a community, region, or state, but they create major challenges in aligning partners’ efforts to achieve results. We help leaders manage the complexity of collaborations, measure performance across organizations, and achieve a strategic focus on health outcomes.  The strategic management systems we help health departmenrts and nonprofit hospitals develop can build upon tools they may already use, such as standards-based assessments, NACCHO's MAPP process, and quality improvement.  The Public Health Foundation selected our Community Balanced Scorecard (CBSC) and Effective Community Governance (ECG) methodologies as models to bring a new strategic focus to public health improvement. Our tools include strategy maps to clarify goals and communicate roles and purpose among collaborators; approaches for improving community engagement; community compacts to strengthen partners' accountability for results, and comprehensive Communicty Balanced Scorecards to manage collaborative strategies.  Our 2012 APHA conference presentation "CBSCs for Leading Collaborative Strategies to Achieve Community Health Outcomes" highlights several ways CBSC tools improve communication among partners and make collaborations more effective.

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Community Balanced Scorecards to Meet Public Health Challenges

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