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Performance Management Resources


Public Health Performance Management Systems Organized as Quality Improvement (QI) Cycles (PDF, 1.2 MB): A presentation by Paul Epstein at the 2013 American Public Health Association annual meeting, including a QI-based model for a performance management system, tools for determining program goals and objectives focused on achieving public health outcomes and developing driver-outcome performance measures, and state and local public health agency examples.

Papers, Articles, Books, and Book Chapters

On Performance Management (PM), PM Systems, and Related Performance Measurement and Governance

Driver-Outcome Performance Measurement for Actionable, Strategic Performance Improvement (PDF): A 5-page paper by Paul Epstein on a performance measurement approach that can make performance management strategic by focusing on high priority community, regional, state, or provincial outcomes and actionable by focusing on changeable “leading indicators” that are drivers of strategic outcomes.

Three related papers by Public Health Foundation (PHF) consultants Jack Moran, Paul Epstein (also an RTM Team Member), and Leslie Beitsch on PM systems based on the PDCA QI Cycle:

Citizens as Partners in Performance Management (PDF): An article by Paul Epstein, Lyle Wray, and Cortney Harding, in Public Management (November 2006). This article offers an overview of the Effective Community Governance model promising citizen roles in decision-making and performance management as illustrated by community examples. These concepts are based on the authors’ direct experience with local government and a decade of research on best practices of citizen engagement and performance measurement.

Results that Matter: Improving Communities by Engaging Citizens, Measuring Performance and Getting Things Done by Paul Epstein, Paul Coates, and Lyle Wray with David Swain (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2006), a book based on the Effective Community Governance model with examples from more than 30 communities across the United States, including chapter 3 on performance management systems and chapters 6-8 on “Communities Managing for Results” with examples from four communities that have systematically engaged citizens in performance-based decision making and community improvement.

Leading Performance Management in Local Government edited by David N. Ammons (ICMA Press, 2008): The International City/County Management Association commissioned this book to bring together many of the best recent articles on performance management for local government.  In includes the article “Organizations Managing for Results” by RTM Team members Paul Epstein, Paul Coates, and Lyle Wray.

Three Chapters in the Public Health Quality Improvement Handbook edited by Ron Bialek, President, PHF; John W. Moran, PHF Senior Quality Advisor; and Grace L. Duffy, PHF Quality Improvement Consultant (ASQ Quality Press, 2009). The following chapters related to performance measurement, performance management, and strategy management are by members of the RTM Team: