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Community Balanced Scorecards for MAPP Communities

The Community Balanced Scorecard (CBSC) is a strategic planning and management system to align the collaborative efforts of community partners, and focus them on achieving priority public health outcomes. CBSC is highly complementary with the widely-used framework for improving community health systems, "Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships" (MAPP). Used together, CBSC and MAPP can reinforce each other to produce measurable improvements in the public health system and community health outcomes. Download materials from this page to learn more about opportunities to combine CBSC and MAPP. MAPP communities such as Hunterdon County, NJ, Osceola County, FL, and St. Clair County, IL have used CBSC tools.

How CBSC is Well Matched with MAPP

Two "Quick Guides" Relating Community Balanced Scorecards and MAPP (PDF) use graphics and text to make connections between "Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships" (MAPP) and CBSC clear.

Community Balanced Scorecards and MAPP (PDF) describes the strong compatibility of CBSCs with MAPP, including how a CBSC can strengthen the MAPP process, and MAPP can make a CBSC more effective. The University of Wisconsin & Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's County Health Rankings Project included CBSC strategy maps, as described in this breifing paper, as a "Suggested Tool" to "clearly define your strategy."

View a free NACCHO webinar on how Community Balanced Scorecard Tools Make MAPP More Effective

CBSC & MAPP Make Grant Applications More Competitive

Public health departments in MAPP communities have been writing CBSCs into grant applications. Download this brief paper (PDF) to learn how CBSCs and related software will make grant projects more effective and grant applications more competitive, and how MAPP communities that use CBSC will have an even stronger advantage with funders.

Opportunities to Use CBSC Tools, Even Without Grant Support

Community Balanced Scorecards for Public Health: Program for Getting Started (PDF) describes an affordable way public health organizations can start gaining benefits from CBSC tools, whether or not they obtain a grant, with ways for communities to participate on their own, or as part of state or regional groups.

For More Information on Community Balanced Scorecards

See our Community Balanced Scorecard webpage or view a free webinar on Community Balanced Scorecards in public health.

Or contact us to inquire about including CBSC in a grant proposal, how to begin using CBSC tools without grant support, or to learn more.