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First Steps to Results That Matter

We offer a variety of ways that organizations or collaborative groups can explore new results-focused approaches and take first steps before making a commitment to long-term or large-scale change. 

Strategy Mapping

A strategy map is typically developed in an early stage of building a balanced scorecard.  However, a strategy map provides great value on its own as a tool for creating an organizational or collaborative strategy, making it a “first step” to improve strategy management without the need for a full commitment to an integrated data-driven system.  Strategy maps provide a clear path to building on organizational or community assets and focusing policies, services, and improvement efforts to achieve desired outcomes.  Strategy maps are powerful communication tools to ensure that all participants, from managers and employees to external partners, understand their roles in the strategy and how they contribute individually and collectively to achieving desired outcomes.

Best Practice Comparisons

We help clients identify opportunities for improvement by assessing their existing systems to determine how they compare with best practices.  Our range of tools and models includes guided self-assessments, high-level surveys of systems or governance processes, and intensive evaluations.  Best practice comparisons include:

Training Programs and Workshops, Online and In Person

We offer a variety of training programs and workshops in the methodologies we use with organizations and communities.  An introductory program can help determine if a particular methodology is right for your organization or collaborative group, or how a methodology might be tailored to your needs.  Our workshops help participants take first steps by producing early working products useful for new strategies, systems, or practices.  We can deliver training and workshops online for significant savings in engagement costs, or in person at a client’s site.