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Articles and Papers

Performance Management Resources

A collection of papers, an article, and a presentation for free download on performance management systems and related performance measurement and governance, and information with links to books with chapters on these topics.  Link to these resources

Harnessing the Power of Community Collaborations

By Lyle Wray and Paul Epstein in Public Management (March 2012 Cover Story)

This article describes a Community Results Toolkit with seven tools to help community organizations collaborate effectively for better results on issues no one organization can adequately address on its own.  Link to the article

Community Balanced Scorecards for Strategic Public Health Improvement

By Paul Epstein and Alina Simone

This briefing paper describes the essentials of CBSCs and how they can be used to manage the complexity of implementing community-wide initiatives that “move the needle” on priority public health issues to achieve desired community health outcomes.  Download (PDF)

A Quality Improvement Initiative to Enhance Public Health Workforce Capabilities

By Anne Drabczyk, Paul Epstein, and Martha Marshall in the Journal of Public Health Management Practice (Jan-Feb 2012)

This article describes how quality improvement and evaluation coaching helped staff from local health departments (LHDs) across the country test, use, and improve preparedness products and practices developed by other LHDs in a NACCHO project. RTM Team members Epstein and Marshall were the coaches.  Link to the article

Citizens as Partners in Performance Management

By Paul Epstein, Lyle Wray, and Cortney Harding, in Public Management (November 2006)

This article offers an overview of the Effective Community Governance model promising citizen roles in decision-making and performance management as illustrated by community examples. These concepts are based on the authors’ direct experience with local government and a decade of research on best practices of citizen engagement and performance measurement in  more than 30 communities across the country.  Download (PDF)